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Company Profile

Success is never without a reason. Going beyond ambitious goals is the result of combined business dynamism and concreteness in reaching the target.

The Prima Industries group has been leading the market for more than 25 years and operates in many fields such as Oem Automotive supplies, pneumatic systems, residential lighting engineering and Gas/Lpg components The history of Prima began in the early '80s, when the first department of the company, Vehicle Components, was established. Since then, Prima Industries , with years of experience in automotive sub-dealing, has grown until it has become a leading company in the distribution of industrial vehicle components. In line with their ideals of quality, research and technological investment, Prima Industries has consolidated his core business and diversified his industrial activities creating a new Company Branch, which will develop, engineer and produce avant-garde labelling and bottling machines for edible liquids.

Any activity carried out by Prima is conceived on the basis of "Quality thinking", the philosophy which contains the essential principles of perfection. For over two decades, Prima has continuously mantained an effort in meeting its customers' needs by constantly searching for high-quality integrated production systems. All our departments are involved in a common effort aimed at identifying new solutions, finding new forms and new services according to market trends and our customer's requirements. Technology is the basic requirement on which quality assurance is based.

From design and planning to the last production stage, each item is the result of the work of highly qualified personnel possessing a vast know-how and operating in synergy. In the Styling department, an advanced Cad system is operated to create design by simulating the final configuration of each detail. In the Production department, injection moulding is carried out in round-the-clock cycles with robot-operated and automatic presses, while aluminium extrusions are processed by means of three-axis automated machining centres, The final assembling of all mechanical components and the installation of a high specialised software for to manage at the best all complex machine operation, is provided by high qualifies engineers and supervised step by step. Our Testing Centre provides the necessary guarantee of sturdiness and functionality in compliance with the most recent quality regulations.

Prima offers a range of services to its customers: availability of in-house technicians for fault-finding and specific problem-solving procedures; constant trading support to meet any particular need coming from any country in the world; very short lead times all over the world.

Prima Labelling

Prima Labelling presents capsule and label application machines that can be automatic, semi-automatic, linear and rotary.

Many beverage producers wants labelling machines to be highly precise and flexible in adapting to the size of bottles and to the finishing.

The wide range of modular monoblocks, from 600 to 6000 bth for conical or slightly oval bottles, is easy programmed and can be personalized by simple ubs technology data transfer. The products that Prima Industries can offer are very rich and complete, also suitable for those sparkling wine producers that require elaborate labelling and precise needs. Format change accessories are available, while inclined label stations and patented bottle stability are all in series in the Prima Industries range.

Prima Bottling

Prima Bottling semi-automatic machines or turnkey for small productions.

The machines produced by Prima Bottling are particularly suitable for companies that:

  • Change often the format of bottles.
  • Change the labels and kind of labelling.
  • Cap with cork, screw and pressure-caps.
  • Handle the product carefully to avoid emulsion.
  • Mantain a constant product quality.
  • Make continuous productions of 600/1200 bph.