Banding machine for DOCG vertical labels


Automatic labelling machine for the application of DOC/DOCG/IGT status bands in format for cylindrical and conical bottles, perfect for individual and in-line use.

Banding machine for DOCG vertical labels - DOCG2V

In Italy, with the entry into force of the decree issued by the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Forestry Policies on April 19th 2011 regarding "Supplies, characteristics, wording, as well as procedures for the manufacture, use, distribution, control and cost of state marks for DOCG and DOC wines" an increasing number of consortia has introduced the requirement application of state labels for wine producers.

A single, non-reproducible tag with a hologram and watermark for authenticity and traceability, which requires an adaptation of the bottling and labelling lines.

DOCG 2.V is the fast and reliable solution, it’s able to operate autonomously or to be integrated in existing production lines, ensuring high speed, up to 2500 bottles per hour.

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  • Bottle diameter from 60 to 120 mm maximum
  • Fixed photocell position and automatic label positioning
  • Labelling station adjustable in height
  • Orientation group
  • Up to 200 programs can be stored
  • Labels from 50 to 130 mm long
  • Electronic control of the machine through touch-screen panel 4,3 inches, equipped with self-learn function of the label length and easy system
  • Consumption 1,5 kw, 3 ampère, frequency of 50 Hz
  • Height: max 2181 mm
  • Depth: max 1600 mm
  • Width: max 762 mm
  • Weight: 200 kg
  • Power supply: 400V+N+Pe 50Hz
  • Power consumption: 1,5Kw
  • Pressure: 6 Bar
  • Height of working table: 1 mt
  • Photocell for capsule centering mark
  • Series of carriages for bottles with conical form (max 1,5 degrees)
  • Push-bottle piston for bottles
  • Photocell for bottom and side marks
  • Assembling on wheels or support legs

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Discover how works banding for DOCG

Discover how the DOCG 2.V banding machine works in the video below. Follow our YouTube Channel to discover the full range of labelling machines designed for wine, oil and brewery producers.

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