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Sparkling wine labelling machine

Sparkling wine labelling machine - PLDOCG PLDOCG

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Sparkling wine labelling machine for cylindrical or slightly conical bottles up to 2,5°, running speed from 1000 to 1800 bottles per hour.


  • Electronic control of the machine through touch-screen panel 5,7 inches equipped with self-learn function of the label length.
  • Fixed photocell position and automatic label positioning.
  • Labelling station adjustable in height and inclinable, equipped with stepper motor.
  • Up to 100 programs can be stored.
  • Up to 2000 biadhesive labels can be stored.
  • Labels from 50 to 130 mm long and from 15 to 50 mm high.
  • Consumption 1 kw, 3 ampère,frequency from 50 hz.


  • Phocell for capsule application centering mark.
  • Series of carriages for bottles with conical form (maximum 1,5 degrees).
  • Series of carriages for bottles over 90 mm diameter.
  • Push-bottle piston for conical bottles.
  • Photocell for bottom and side marks.