Semiautomatic filling machine

Semiautomatic filling machine - RMC700-1B RMC700-1B

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The RMC700/1B is a "worktable" capacity semiautomatic filter with revolutionary characteristic, which concentrates veratility, compactness and praticality in an unique device. Studied to be used in every working enviroment, the RMC700/1B mechanism is extremely easy and reliable; its electric system does not include any sensor and it is simply composed by an electrc valve, wich closes when the software reaches the selected weight.

Projected to be applied especially in the food indutry, it is used mostly by oil, wine, vinegar, liquors, spirits or other bottles, since it adapts to every user requirements thanks to its flexibility passing through different container sizes by means of fast and simple regulations of the centring device and by a quick adjustment of the outflow height.

The RMC700/1B filling machine works on round, square or variously shaped containers, made out of glass, plastic or metal, which have to be manually charged on the plate. The machine software allows the storing of different filling programs for different sizesand weights. The program required in fact, can be asely selected by means of the digital control panel.

The filling process is activated by the manual movement of a lever: this movement opens the outflow nd activates the pump allowing the filling of the container. The liquid feeding id made by a volumetric pump or, only on request( with an additional charge), can be made by an "endless screw" pump. The machine, which works with ease and great accuracy, stops automatically when reaching the correct weight.

The RMC700/1B is a 1ph, 220v filler. It's case is stainless steel made (AISI 304). The machine is CE certified, it's precision balance and it's devices are C3 classified.

  • Model: RMC700/1B filling machine
  • Speed (influenced by the operator): about 150 containers per hour (standard 5lt. )
  • Types of container which can be used: different sizes from 0,25 to 25 lt, round, square of variously shaped, made out of glass, plastic or metal, in respect of the machine structure and of its automatic devices.
  • Allowed container sizes:
    • Height: max. 450mm.
    • Square container side: max 330mm.
    • Cylindrical container
  • Accouracy: about 0,018 %
  • Power supply: 1ph 220v (0.2 Kw )
  • Machine dimension: width 400mm., length 650mm., height 1100mm. ( weight kg. 55 )
  • The machine does not need compressed air