Sparkling wine labelling machine

Sparkling wine labelling machine - PLM1500 PLM1500

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Up to 4 labelling stations that are adjustable in height of which: 3 for body labelling and 1 for the collar using a mobile blade

Main star equipped with clamp system to hold the bottles still during movement

Suction capsule distributor up to 1800 pc/hour

Orientation groups with stepper motors

Pneumatic capsule group

The labelling stations and the rotation of the bottles are equipped with single phase motors

Electronic management of the machines can be updated by USB technology

Up to 100 programs can be stored


  • Additional star, rests, and screw set
  • Series of carriages for bottles over 90mm diameter
  • Series of carriages for bottles with conical form up to 2,5°
  • Optional hot print marking station.