Wine labelling machine

Wine labelling machine - PLL1200 PLL1200

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In the picture the full featured versione of the PLL1200


  • Automatic monoblock whose fixed running speed is 1200bph. For cylindrical and slightly conical (up to 1,5°) bottles
  • Heat-shrinking capsule group or in polylaminate material
  • 3 stations adjustable in height, equipped with stepper motors
  • Bottle movement at variable step through screw
  • Electronic control of the machine through touch-screen panel


  • Bottle diameter from 60 to 120 mm maximum
  • Bottle store area
  • Fixed photocell position and automatic label positioning
  • Up to 3 labelling stations adjustable in height, detail and equipped with stepper motors
  • Capsule distributor
  • Capsule roller and / or thermal capsule sealer
  • Electronic control of the machine and programs through touch-screen panel
  • Up to 200 bottle forms can be stored


  • Height: max 2000 mm
  • Depth: max 2500 mm
  • Width: max 1200 mm
  • Weight: 350 kg