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HORIZON 2020 – Latest updates

PRIMA Industries Srl, in the context of the HORIZON 2020 program that finances the technological innovation of European Start-Up and SME, has successfully passed all the steps necessary to obtain the funding for to develop and design a line, called PBB1500, for cleaning and polishing bottles with limestone deposits, iridescence and other impurities that can accumulate during the aging period of wines in caves or in environments with widespread impurities. Commissione Europea

The company, after having integrated the first draft of the project with all the economic / financial data aimed at demonstrating how the PBB1500, if used instead of the current cleaning methods, allows both Enormous savings in economic terms and processing times, with an extremely positive impact on the environment avoiding the theoretical emission into the atmosphere of thousands of tons of equivalent CO2, but also very high profitability margins that the prudential projections of the forecast sales of the first 5 years of marketing of the PPB1500 could generate, with the consequent creation of new jobs.
These projections and analyses were confirmed and validated by a commission of institutional expert investors selected by the EC which assigned a funding of over € 500,000 to the PBB1500 project and the possibility of negotiating equities for a value of almost € 1.5 million. The project was awarded for its highly innovative contents, out of over 2,000 presented by European Start-Up and SME in the session specifically dedicated to environmental protection, making it one of the three Italian companies awarded in this session for the absolute excellence of the PBB1500 project.

A particular appreciation was also expressed by important Champagne producers who made themselves available to collaborate in the development of the project, guaranteeing logistical support for the experimentation as well as for the verifications and validation of the PPB1500 washing and polishing line at their production’s plant.

The PPB project is supported by the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation funding program, obtaining the initials from the EC and the initials of the grant agreement no. 101009302

Pubblicato il: 13/4/2021