DOCG 2.V – Banding machine for sparkling wine and champagne

PRIMA LABELLING introduces the new DOCG 2.V banding machine, for sparkling wine and champagne. It's suitable for cylindric or conic bottles, warranting a production until 2.500 bottles/hour, it can include a photocell for capsule centering mark, photocell for bottom and side marks, push-bottle piston and it can be assembled on wheels or fixed position. The DOCG label can be 120 mm max long.

Pubblicato il: 11/10/2018

PLM700A – Automatic linear labelling machine

As further variant of the PLM 700 machine, the new automatic version is available with until 3 stations to apply front and back labels, and collar with optical centering.

It's small sized, permits an easy replacement of the bottle's format and the pressing of the capsules by means of a single head device.

Various optional parts can be fit, as listed in the attached technical sheet.

Pubblicato il: 11/10/2018

DOCG 2.O – Fascettatrice automatica per vini fermi, prosecchi e spumanti

PRIMA LABELLING presenta la nuova fascettatrice DOCG 2.O, per vini spumanti e champagne. Essa è adatta a bottiglie cilindriche o con conicità, garantisce una produzione fino a 2.500 bottiglie/ora, può includere una fotocellula per il centraggio delle tacche per i capsuloni, fotocellule per tacche sul fondo o laterali, pistone premi bottiglia e può essere montata su ruote o su piedi fissi. La fascetta DOCG può avere lunghezza max pari a 80 mm.

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Pubblicato il: 14/6/2018

PLM 700S – Semi-automatic labelling machine

Capsule and label application for sparkling wine bottles

The Labelling sector of PRIMA gets richer thanks to a new version of the linear labelling machine PLM 700, which is able to work in the semi-automatic manner, ensuring a maximum production capacity of 700 bottles par hour. This machine is able to label sparkling wine bottles, prosecco or champagne, it can be placed by wheels or by fitted feet and it can include various components as accessories, incrising its functionalities.

Product sheet
Pubblicato il: 5/6/2018

Even more green with ISO 14001:2015 certification

Prima Industries responds to planet's ecological challanges with ISO 14001:2015 certification. Prima Industries focuses on an Environmental Management System according to ISO 14001:2015 principles in order to handle with more efficiency and continuity all the environmental issues and opportunities.

In July 2016 Prima Industries obtained the ISO 14001:2015 under the TÜV Thüringen, technical supervision company. The ISO 1400:2015 is the standard for Environmental Management and is internationally recognised. ISO 9001 and ISO 14001:2015 are not mandatory but our proactive decision to become certified under both is a demonstration of our commitment to quality throughout the organisation. Having the independent accreditation validates the ongoing efforts of all our staff.

Pubblicato il: 22/12/2016